Where does your plastic go?

James of James recycling stands in front of a truck with many bags of styrofoam “What do you do with the plastic you collect?” is a common question we hear at James Recycling. China stopped accepting plastic from the U.S. in 2017 due to contamination issues, so many people wonder how and where we recycle our material, or if it’s even recycled at all.

Denton Plastics

We have a longtime partnership with a local industrial plastic recycling facility, Denton Plastics. Denton does not normally accept any household plastics, but made an exception when they met James and heard his story.

Denton is family-owned and the largest processor of recycled plastics in Oregon. Processing recycled plastic locally has significant environmental and human health benefits when compared to sending materials to distant and potentially unknown end markets. The plastic that James Recycling collects is processed at Denton’s facility, then sold to manufacturers all over the Pacific Northwest that make products in construction, agriculture, packaging and toys.

Denton is committed to the success and growth of James Recycling and dedicated to helping James, who is on the autism spectrum, and other people with different abilities.

Their president Nicole Janssen, is on our Board of Directors, and Nicole and her staff volunteer at almost all of our events.

Rain or shine, they are out there to support James Recycling and teach our community about recycling.

James Nicole and Mara-at Jesuit