Recycling Heroes

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As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we employ several adults with autism and other different abilities to work at our events and at our headquarters. We call them our “Recycling Heroes” because that’s what they truly are.

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Who Are Our Heroes

James employs adults with developmental differences like autism to work our events and at our recycling headquarters.

James of James Recycling with employee

What We Provide

The opportunities we provide not only give our Heroes purpose but also allows them to strengthen both their social and job skills.

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Breaking the Stereotypes

By interacting with members of our community we are allowing them to see that our Heroes are amazing and have much to give the world.

James of James Recycling with helper

Stepping Stones to Employment

Learning valuable skills and gaining confidence allows our Heroes to gain the much-needed experience that will enable them to become employable in other areas of the workforce.